Would You Like TO SEE Your Current Nutritional Status?

          Here are 4 prevalent conditions of the blood that lead to bad health
Rouleau                                                               Heavy Toxins                                                    Plaque                                                                    Parasites                                                     Other Conditions   (Dried Blood)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    L-Form Bacteria
Top row:  Phase Contrast
Bottom row:  Darkfield
Undigested proteins from processed food and lack of digestive enzymes cause the body to be fatigued.  Consuming 100%
pure whole foods, green foods, living foods, rich in chlorophyll, enzymes and trace minerals will unlock the body’s natural
energy sources.

Heavy toxins or heavy metals are caused by food and water contamination.  Therefore, it is essential to restore electrolyte
balance and pH.  Adding essential fiber from whole grains, and legumes (beans, seeds, and nuts) to your diet, allows the liver
and other vital bodily functions to restore vibrant good health.

In order to properly control harmful bacteria, an internal cleanse is necessary.  Many high glycemic, high carbohydrate, high
fat, processed, packaged, and empty calorie foods are over consumed and nutrient deficient.  Consuming pure whole plant
based foods is vital to allow the body to replace good flora and obtain a healthy balance.

Parasites and bacteria feed upon over consumption of sugars and refined flour (processed, fast food) in diet.  The excess
sugar in diet leads to an over proliferation of parasites and bacteria, leading to sickness and disease when the imbalance of
good bacteria (neutral) is overrun with bad bacteria.  Common cause is lack of proper nutrients in diet and poor digestion
indicating a low immunity.  Signs:  fatigue, indicative of overall state of health.

Eight major health risks include:  air contamination, free radical damage, mineral and electrolyte imbalance, vitamin deficiencies, enzyme deficiency,
lack of friendly flora, fat and sugar digestive disorders, and water contamination.
Nutritional Microscopy is a window into your health!

Careful review of your blood samples and evaluation of your nutritional health will be made in accordance with Patient Evaluation, History and Physical,
Chronic Ailments, Health Log and Daily Nutrition Logs.  Secondary testing suggested of Tissue & Mineral Analysis utilizing a hair sample.

A Certified Nutritional Microscopist will provide you with correct dietary and lifestyle recommendations suited for you and the nutritional condition of your

SPECIAL NOTE:  Nutritional Live Blood Assessment is intended for educational and nutritional information only and is not to be considered medical
advice.  Please understand that we are not diagnosing, prescribing or treating for any disease or health condition.