To train and equip healthcare professionals to help facilitate change in their patients through
microscopic examination of the their blood; individual assessments of their health, lifestyle, and
nutrition; and education.

Viewing Live Blood through Darkfield Microscopy allows the health care provider and patient to see
The Effect Nutrition Has
On the Cells
and the overall condition of the terrain of the body.  Through Phase Contrast Microscopy of Layered Blood you
can see
The Nutritional Condition of the Blood.  

Nutritional Microscopy and Live Blood Assessment is intended for
educational and nutritional information only and is not to be
considered medical advice.  The use of this training is for education only and is not to be used for diagnosing or treating for any
disease of health condition.  
Benefits to Patients


Education will include helping you and your patients to:

  •   Discover how the choices you make each day affects your overall health and well being.

  •   See the effect certain foods, drinks, and environmental toxins have on your body and blood.

  •   To learn how to take responsibility for your health.

  •   To balance your system by giving it the nutrition it needs from water and 100% pure plant based
   whole foods.
A Live Blood Analysis is a window into their health.  It helps to show them the effect  
nutrition has on their cells.  Through an Individual Assessment and proper education they will
be able to make important nutritional and lifestyle changes that will help improve their health
and prevent sickness and disease.