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Diabetes Care: Control for Life                                  $15.00
Nutrition: Diabetes & IGT                                         $10.00
Stress: The Healing Power of Your Senses                  $10.00
Total Well Being                                                       $10.00
Whole Food Concentrates                                          $10.00
Fitness & Exercise                                                    $10.00
Stabilized Rice Bran                                                    $5.00
Vertical Gardening                                                    $10.00
Food for the Body & Soul                                         $20.00
Life is in the Journey                                                  $5.00
Digestion & Diabetes Facts                                         $2.00

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Grains...The Staff of Life  Life Is In The Blood   
Vegetables...The Stem of Life  Balancing Emotions    
Legumes...The Seeds of life      
Fruit...The Nectar of Life   
Sprouts...The Roots of Life   
Water...The Spring of Life   
Dehydrating...The Preservation of Life   
Man-Made...The Death of Life

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