Kitchen GardenTM - (Sprouter)                            $18.00

Sprout MasterTM -                                                                                                        Call for Prices*
Life Sprouts                        Trays:
P.O. Box 150                          Mini trays (3)    
Paradise, UT  84328
(435) 245-3891                       Large trays:   Single  

If order in bulk, receive better                     Seeds:     
prices on trays.  Seeds in bulk                    ProVita Mix      - 1.25 lb   
are less expensive.                                                                   - 3 lbs  
                                                          Alfa Plus           - 1.25 lb    
                                                                   - 3 lbs  
*  Prices may have changed from manufacturer.

So many more are available - call for more information and pricing.

Gardening - Hydroponic Vertical Gardens

Verti-Gro, Inc.TM
The Vertical Gardening CompanyTM                          
P.O. Box 669                                            
Lady Lake, FL  32158                                
(800) 955-6757  

Cooking and Food Prep

Whisper Mill - Electric Grain Mill                 Available through the web* and Back to Basics products online
(see below).
Back to Basics - Grain Mill (hand)  
Preserving and Canning
Juicing and Sprouting
Fruit and Veggie Prep equipment
Smoothie Makers
Ice Treats
Pump ‘N Seal (preserves canned foods)*  
Tortilla Maker*

Back to Basics ProductsTM
675 West 14600 South
Bluffdale, UT 84065
phone: 800-688-1989
fax: 801-571-6061
The simplest and easiest gardening
system available!  We feel it is the
To order hydroponic vertical
gardens for your home or business,
call to request a free brochure.

Commercial and Home units