Seal of Approval

Diabetes Resource Center, Inc. recognizes that regulations and standards are necessary to protect the public
from unacceptable and unsafe products and programs for diabetics.  For this reason the
Seal of Approval has
been developed.    


To set standards of quality, safety, and assurance diabetics can trust and depend upon.  Provide diabetics with a
clear symbol the products and programs displaying the
Seal of Approval, have been thoroughly tested and
reviewed for their use and consumption.  


In order to protect the public from significant and discernible danger to health and not unreasonably affect the
competitive market, the following has been established:  

  •  Clear cut standards and guidelines
  •  Quality assurance or proper testing and review
  •  Medical Advisory Board review team
  •  License issued to each item separately submitted and approved
  •  Standards and results available to the general public upon request  


To encourage the development of products and programs specifically suited for diabetics and their needs.  
Participate where necessary in developing network of educators, medical facilities, and resources for diabetics.  

Bridge the gap between health care provider, manufacturers, and patient.  Also to provide the diabetic with a
of Approval
they can depend upon.  

Who is Eligible:

Any product or program is qualified for the licensure to use Diabetes Resource Center’s Seal of Approval.  The
Seal of Approval is provided pro bono*
only to those products or programs which have been submitted; meet the
Standards for Acceptance and Use; and have been approved by the Medical Advisory Board as safe for diabetic
consumption or use.  
(*Some fees may apply MAF)    

  •  Must meet the highest acceptable quality, safety, and effectiveness for diabetes.
  •  All applications submitted must pass stringent qualification processes for Diabetes Resource Center’s

Diabetes Resource Center, Inc. is a non-profit independent corporation of health care providers dedicated to
improving the quality of life for diabetics and others.  We provide international support, education, referrals, and
resources for diabetics, non-diabetics and health care providers.  

Educational programs

  •  are comprehensive, simple to use and easy to understand.
  •  consider the emotional, medical, physical, and psychological aspects of diabetes.
  •  are dedicated to research and product development.
  •  emphasize stress control and relaxation.
  •  provide unconditional care and acceptance.
  •  provide community support.  

For more information, to submit a product, or a copy of the Standard for Acceptance and Use, please contact
Diabetes Resource Center regarding our
Seal of Approval program.

Diabetes Resource Center, Inc. is…  
Setting the Standards