Sandy D. Corlett

President of Diabetes Resource Center, Inc.

Being a diabetic myself, I have experienced what people (diabetics) are
going through.  I developed diabetes in 1979 at 18 years old.  I started
getting sick with a cold (virus).  It was during hunting season and I spent
a lot of time camping.  I remember it well, because I was up 10-15 times
during the night going to the "outhouse".  I was thirsty and hungry all the
time until the smell of food started making me sick.  I weighed 97 lbs. and lost 15 pounds in one month.  I
went to the doctor and they discovered my blood sugar was over 600; they called an ambulance.  I had heard
the word diabetes and thought it was something like epilepsy.  People had it, but did not talk about the

The doctor asked me, "Does anyone in your family have diabetes?"  Not that I could find in blood relation.  I
was not sick prior to this, but I remember always being overly tired.  They concluded that I could have been
diabetic for years and it surfaced through the virus.  My family pediatrician remarked he was not surprised I
developed diabetes.  He said my accident as a baby could have been related.  
When I was twelve months old, I
was run over by a car and it broke both my legs and pelvis, severally crushed and handicapped me..  I was in
a body cast for six months; the doctors said I would never walk again.

Shortly after being diagnosed with diabetes, I sat at my kitchen table in the middle of the night, with sugar on
the left and insulin and needles on the right.  I cried, prayed and made up my mind that with and without these
items I could die.  Then I remembered all the things I survived in my life.  My life had been anything but
normal up until that point.  STRESS, a major factor in control of diabetes, was in overabundance in my life.  I
have three sisters and a brother, and we are survivors of years of abuse.  As early as I can recall, I knew that
"the Lord had something special for me to do."  Why else would He have spared me?  
I made a decision that
night to "take control of this disease, and to not roll over and die."  

The years following were marked with visits in and out of the hospital.  Lack of insurance, job discrimination,
no income and overwhelming medical bills, made it almost impossible to control my diabetes.  I know what it
is like to not have enough money to take the 2 shots per day needed to stay alive, much less pay for test strips
.  After numerous doctors and specialists told me that I was a "brittle" diabetic and the best I could hope for
was blood sugars to stay somewhere around the 200's, I began to buy into this.  Other complications started
to surface with my
eyes, neuropathy (numbness in hands and feet), kidneys, and many female problems.  At
22, I was told I would be lucky to live past my 30's and that I would have to have a hysterectomy before age
27.  I am now 45 and still here, but I did have that surgery in addition to others.

In 1988, after the hysterectomy all appeared to go well when they released me from the hospital.  But I came
back several times for severe vomiting and on my last trip I went into DKA (diabetic coma).  The area where
the staples were holding my abdomen together started tearing from hours of  "throwing-up."  I developed a
throat infection and pneumonia during the four days in SICU (surgical intensive care).  I remember telling my
dad (adopted) all my deepest darkest secrets before surgery in case I didn't survive, because I felt that
something was going to go terribly wrong.  Being unable to have children due to the years of  "uncontrolled
diabetes" took its toll on my overall health and emotions.  I came out of the coma four days later, very
confused by the circumstances of which I would not understand till later.   

In 1990, something happened that would forever change my life; I had a
car accident.  As a result, I started
taking 4 to 6 insulin shots per day.  My body felt like someone was playing "ping-pong" with blood sugars
ranging from 30 to 400.  I could hardly move, I had no energy or strength to even hold my head up.  I also
suffered a period of
blindness.  My head felt as though someone placed a blender inside of it and forgot to
turn it off.  My emotions were so unpredictable that it was a wonder anyone could tolerate me.  Fortunately, I
was understood and loved in spite of myself.  Many times my husband would wake me up in the morning
before he left for work to make sure I was okay.  I would look around in a fog and see that the sheets had
been changed, my gown was on backwards - oh, it was a different gown, there were towels and glasses with
sugar stuck to the sides next to the bed.  I looked and felt as if I had been run over by a freight train.  I had
experienced a severe insulin reaction in the middle of the night and didn't even know it.  He would smile at me
and say, "you had a bad night!, I love you, and call me if you need me."  The diabetes left me defenseless.  I
felt that I was going to die if something wasn't done.     

In 1993, I met with a team of health care providers.  The doctor examined me and told me the sweetest
words I had ever heard,
"sure, you are a candidate for the insulin pump, you are not a brittle diabetic, you
have just been poorly managed for years".
 I couldn't understand how I was never told this, I went to the best
doctors who were supposedly up on the newest technologies and treatments.  I attended many support
groups, educational classes, and read what I thought was everything on diabetes. Boy, was I wrong!  

The doctors were surprised at how quickly I worked to get placed on the insulin pump.  To me it was a
miracle.  In the first two years that I had been on the insulin pump, my sugars returned to "normal" and I had
almost complete control over them.  The "control" comes with self monitoring, education, and discipline.  
That was the easy part, because
I was sick and tired of being sick.  I feel better than I ever have.  My life
and health have improved dramatically.  I am now able to do anything my heart desires.  However, for many
years I was unaware of all the resources available and my health suffered as a consequence.

In 1995, I was hospitalized for DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) due to a stomach virus.  Even though I am
educated in the control and maintenance of diabetes, I forgot to check my ketones as a "sick day" guideline.  I
spent four days in intensive care, very close to slipping into a diabetic coma.  The first night I was there, the
doctors removed me from the insulin pump (my doctor was not on call), because this is standard procedure
(actually, no one knew anything about the pump).  My heart rate was 133, I was severely dehydrated, weak
and fading in and out.  The last thing I remember in the emergency room, was being checked for a heart
attack.  I thought, "I am 33 years old and too young for a heart attack."  

I am an unusually strong willed person, perhaps due to the circumstances surrounding my life.  The death of
my father in 1992 started a change in my life, and I realized that I had something to accomplish.  Over the
years I have had many encounters with God's love helping me through the rough spots of living.  On the first
occasion that I spent four days in a
coma, I experienced the hands of guardian angels.  They lifted me up out
of darkness and harm's way, like they have so many times.  This time things were different.  

My sole purpose in life is to help others, and I felt as though I was on track and knew the direction in which
my destiny lay.  But when I got ill so quickly and was struck down, I became angry with God.  I asked,
Why, why now, when you gave me the experience, compassion, and opportunity to teach others how to take
care of their diabetes?"
 I demanded an answer from him, I knew that the miracles unfolding before my eyes
could only come from him, and I couldn't understand WHY?  I was tired, weak, and beaten.  I remember
"NO, you can't take me yet.  I have barely scratched the surface - there is so much yet to know, see,
and do.  There are people that need me."
 That night, I heard someone calling out to me, "Sandy, Sandy,
wake up.  If you don't you won't
."  The voice was so gentle, kind, and compassionate.  It kept me awake all
night.  My body was ready to give in and slip away.  But -- something deep inside kept saying NO, NO, not
That voice gave me a choice.  I chose LIFE.

The next morning, my doctor came in and immediately placed me back on the pump.  The hospital had treated
the high and low blood sugars, without treating the ketones.  My doctor and I are friends and I told him, I
honestly felt I was slipping into a coma and would have died.  He told me that was possible.  But that is not
the end of the story.  The years following, I experienced all the long term complications that diabetics go
through.  In addition to kidney failure twice, going blind for a period of time due to uncontrolled blood sugars,
injury, and stress; losing the use of my legs from peripheral neuropathy; and congestive heart failure several
times, and a heart attack, I was given a "choice".  That's right a choice.  Not only was a I given a choice to
change my habits and consequently my health, I was given a choice to "live or die."

Anyone that has suffered in their body, knows what it feels like to want to give up and give in.  In addition to
these things, the older I get, the more the pain has increased in my back and neck from being run over by a
car at a year old and the auto accident in 1990.  Sometimes the pain is so intense, it's almost unbearable and
very difficult to sleep and rest.  Prolonged pain causes the body to respond to this stress with "fight or flight".  
I'm a "fighter", I don't back down and I never run away, but, there have been times, when my spirit was
willing, but my body was weak, and I wanted to give in.  On one occasion, I was going through some things
emotionally and as I walked my dogs, I prayed,
"Lord, a life without love is not a life worth living.  I want
to go home, where this is no more pain, no more sorrow, no more tears or heartache, and where there is
love - unconditional love, Your love.  Abba, Father, daddy, I want to go home."  
I prayed and pleaded with
God to take me home.

Be very careful what you pray for!  You see, I had been hurting physically for so long and emotionally that
my body, spirit, and soul was very weak and I wanted to give up and give in.  I just wanted to quit living.  I
felt that I had been fighting to live and that the struggle was too much and emotionally I felt I couldn't do it
any longer.  Why?  Because prolonged states of physical or emotional stress causes "adrenal stress", which
for diabetics is deadly and can wreak havoc on the body - especially their emotions.  We feel everything
intensely, and it is very difficult to control your emotions at times.  Mood swings are normal for a diabetic,
because the brain is in a constant state of stress with blood sugar highs and lows, and consequently so is the
body.  As a result the emotions are affected with depression and if you add pain or other physical stressors to
that, it is very hard to cope at times.  So, that is the point I was at when I cried out to God and prayed:  
"Lord, a life without love is not a life worth living.  I want to go home, where this is no more pain, no
more sorrow, no more tears or heartache, and where there is love - unconditional love.  Abba, Father,
daddy, I want to go home."  
I was feeling not only my pain, but the pain of all those that suffer, and in my
heart, I was crying out over the lack of love in this world.  For it has become such a dark place and there is
such emptiness in the hearts of the people, that nothing of this world can fill, and there is such loneliness and
not enough love.  That's what I was feeling.

The next morning, I awoke to ask my husband who was standing at the refrigerator for a glass of Gatorade,
as I felt my blood sugar was low. He brought it to me and what happened next was unexpected.  I didn't
realize that my brain and body were not communicating.  I had the glass in my hand and went to turn my
wrist to drink, but I had not raised up from lying down and poured the glass all over my neck.   I felt what
was going on, but couldn't respond.  Then I called out for my husband to bring me a paper towel.  He did and
I said, "no a towel."  A little frustrated with me, he said, but you said...  He didn't realize at this point what
was going on, until he saw me with the glass frozen in my hand, me still laying down, fixed glaze in my eyes.  
He saw what had happened and that I was unable to communicate what was going on or what I needed.  So,
he gave me what was left in the glass, got more, and then came back to dry me off.  He lifted me up,
removed my shirt, took a towel and roughly patted me dry as he held onto me with one hand, drying with the
other, all the while I began to fall over.  

While this was happening, I knew what was going on, but could not speak the words of what I needed.  He
tried to give me more liquid, but I knew that I was unable to swallow and that I could aspirate the liquid into
my lungs if I drank anything.  So, with all that was in me, I bit down on the glass and pierced my lips to keep
him from giving me any more.  But he knew I needed it.  The was the last conscientious thing that I
remember being able to do with my body. I had glucose gel within 6 inches of my head, but I could not reach
it, nor could I tell him, or motion for it.  My body just would not respond.  I had all my senses and they were
extremely heightened.  He knew what to do, but Lord knows he doesn't handle pressure well!  He responded
with what he felt was best and forgot at first that I had the gel, or that I had a Glucagon shot beside the gel.  
In the midst of this all going on, my husband was also checking my blood sugar every 5 minutes.  

These few moments, what I like to refer to as
"moments before death", literally were just that.  My blood
sugar had dropped below 20 and the glucose machine wouldn't even register it.  He knew he had only
moments before I slipped into a coma and could die from insulin shock.  One of my eyes had ruptured the
blood vessels in it, my pupils were fixed and dialated, and I had what I felt was a dead man's stare.  I couldn't
even blink.  My body had began to fall over face forward and to the side onto the bed in a slump.  But, I felt at
this point, I was dying.  I knew it with all my senses and I experienced everything intensely.  All the sights,
sounds, smells, tastes, and touches.  Yet, I saw my body lying there on the bed motionless and felt it
becoming lifeless.  My emotions and heart were breaking and crying - it was my soul that was crying out.  
My spirit was praying.  
I felt the physical separation of my body, spirit, and soul in these brief "moments
before death."
 It was as if all three were one and then at the point just before the death of my body, they
were beginning to be separated - but still connected as if by a thread to the body.  

Then I heard a voice say,
"Sandy, baby, are you ready to go home?"  At this moment,  I felt as if I could see
my body laying on the bed and I was tethered to it, right next to my spirit.  I was crying inside, or at least my
soul was.  My body cried physical tears as it hit the bed face down, my soul cried out over not feeling loved,
and my spirit cried out in wails and prayers (tongues), over what my soul was crying over.  Then I remember
"Oh, God, you know that I want to go home, but -- I've been crying out over not feeling loved and
feeling so much pain, no, I'm not ready yet.  For I haven't given what I want the most.  Oh, Lord, I'm not
 You think you are prepared, but you really find out that your not, when you are just "moments before
death."  That is what I was at deaths doorstep and I was about to meet my maker.  Little did I realize, He was
about to grant my request, or at least bring me to the very edge of death.  I was given a CHOICE, live or die.  
I chose life.  It took some time, but I recovered physically and emotionally, or so I thought

This was the third time that the Lord gave me this choice.  The first time was in a dream, when I heard the
voice of the Lord say:  
"Sandy, your life is going to be required of you what are you going to do?  I
"How long do I have?"  The voice said, "One year, what are you going to do?"  I said, "I need to
clean my house, pay my bills, make amends, be more loving ,patient, kind, considerate, understanding, with
my family, others, and....  
Before I could finish my list, the voice said,  
“Sandy, your life is going to be required of you what are you going to do?”  I asked, How long do I have?  
The voice said, "SIX MONTHS, what are you going to do?"  I said, I need to clean my house, pay my bills,
make amends, be more loving, patient, kind.... Before I could finish my list, the voice said,  

"Sandy, your life is going to be required of you what are you going to do?”
 I asked, How long do I have?  
The voice said, "ONE MONTH, what are you going to do?"  I said, whoa!  I need to clean my house; pay my
bills, oh, I don't have time to pay all my bills, maybe I could arrange to cancel some of the debts; I need to
make amends with others, maybe I can call them.... Before I could finish my list, the voice said,  “Sandy,
your life is going to be required of you what are you going to do?”
 I asked, How long do I have?  The voice
said, "ONE WEEK, what are you going to do?"  I said, I need to clean my house but I don't have time, maybe
I can call my friends and have them come help me clean out everything; I need to pay my bills but there is not
enough time to do that, so I need to plead for mercy that they will cancel my debts; I need to make amends
with others and I could write a letter; I needed to be more loving towards my family and others in hopes that
they would see I've changed and.... Before I could finish my list, again the voice said more forcefully this

Sandy!  your life is going to be required of you what are you going to do?”  I asked, How long do I have?  
The voice said, "ONE DAY, what are you going to do?"  Oh my God!  I said, I needed to clean my house but
I don't have time to that, I can call my friends and hire someone to clean out everything; I don't have time to
pay my bills or plead for mercy with them to cancel my debts; nor do I have time to make amends with
others  - so I will write them letters; as far  as being more loving towards my family and others in hopes that
they would see I've changed, it's too late and.... Before I could finish my list, I woke up in a cold sweat.  It
was so real.  Then I got up and noticed something under my arm and immediately called the dermatologist as I
had an enlarged growth sticking out under my arm that was not there the day before.  I rushed to the doctors
office and pulled into the parking lot.  I wasn't even focused on the dream I just had, but was consumed with
anxiety and a little bit of fear of the unknown.  But, you see, I am a Christian and I am supposed to know
where I am going, for I believe in Jesus Christ and that He took my sins upon Himself and died on the cross
so that I wouldn't have to die in my sins.  Then He rose again so that I might have life and all that believe in
Him would have eternal life.  So, why was I afraid to die?  Because, when you have things in your heart that
are unreconciled, unforgiven, and unrepentant - you are living by fear and not faith.

As I turned the key off and reached for my purse, I heard the voice again.  Now, I was awake and I heard it!  
It said,
Sandy!  your life is going to be required of you this very MOMENT what are you going to do?”  I
cried, "oh my God!"  Fear gripped me, not over the fact that I was going to die, but over the things that I had
left undone.  Then the voice said, "Sandy!!!  You've been worried about cleaning your house, paying your
debts, making amends, loving and treating others the way you should - and you've been given one year, six
months, one month, one week, and one day to do these things.  In fact, you've had your entire life to do these
things.  It is not your physical house that needed cleaning and you've wasted all this time.  Now, your life is
going to be required of your this very moment, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?"

I sat there and wept as anxiety siezed me for a brief moment as reality sank in.  Then after what seemed a
long time, I said, "Lord, You are right, I have been concerned about cleaning my house of all the things that
I've stored up that I don't want anyone to see or judge me for being a pack rat!  You're right in that it really
was what was inside of me that I needed to clean up - my attitudes, thoughts, and deeds.  My heart was not
pure.  The amends I needed to make were words that were and were never spoken.  You are right in that I've
wasted so much time of my life worrying and being concerned about things that have no eternal value.  Lord,
you said, "my life is going to be required of me this very moment, what am I going to do?"  Well, it took me
an entire lifetime to realize that you've got to
learn how to die before you can learn how to live.  I've never
died to the things of this world and it's desires that's why I was bound and filled with worry, anxiety, and
fear.  I thought I had, but really didn't trust you, for I trusted no one.  That's why I never completed these
things, for fear of not being accepted and somehow, I thought if I didn't do what I knew was right, I'd have
more time until I did.  I was wrong.  Please forgive me.  I see clearly now and I repent over all the things I've
done and mostly for all that wasted time.  Lord, I suppose the answer to your question - "what am I going to
do?" is this - "The only debt that is supposed to remain is to love one another.  This is the first and greatest
commandment.  To love you, my Lord and my God with all my heart, mind, body, spirit, and soul, and love
others as myself.  But, Lord, I didn't love myself and I couldn't accept love either.  So,
I am going to live
each moment as if it were my last and I am going to live it in love.
 That's all I can do for that is all that
really counts in this life is LOVE."

Then there was silence for a brief time.  I sat there and cried over all the wasted time, knowing that I traded a
year, six months, one month, one week, one day, one hour, and an entire lifetime worrying over things that
were meaningless and trying to control things that I had no control over.  I wept over a life lost - my life.  Not
sadness but regret  I cried, prayed, and said "I was sorry and asked for the Lord's forgiveness."

After a few moments I straightened myself up and headed for the door.  I was reaching for the door handle
when I heard a voice say,
"Well done, you've answered correctly and now, you know the truth and the truth
has set you free.   You shall live and not die."
 In a way, I was given a choice - I could live this life, no
matter how much time I had left, in love or not.  That was my choice and that is what I realized when I went
into insulin shock and was "moments before death."  I had NOT lived my life and every moment as if it were
going to be my last.  
I had NOT lived my life in LOVE.  I was given a choice and I failed.  But God's
mercy was there as it had been each time I got sick, forgiving and restoring.

The next year and a half after the insulin shock, I went through many tests of my faith.  
I had kidney
failure, congestive heart failure, heart attack, strokes and serious digestive disorders
just to name a
few.  While in the hospital emergency room with the congestive heart and kidney failure, I told my husband
my wishes.  I told him that I did NOT want any treatments, such as kidney dialysis, or surgery, or anything to
prolong my life and suffering.  He didn't want to hear that as he was not ready to let me go.  But, I had made
up my mind.  I felt I was ready to go, if  it was my time.  While we were waiting upon the doctor, my
husband got a phone call and had to step out, then two doctors came in.  They said that both my lungs were
filled with fluid that led to the congestive heart failure and that there was a mass in my lungs the size of my
fist.  They wanted to do a "thoracentisis", where the stick a needle in my lung to draw out some fluid and
determine it's consistency.  I declined and would not allow them to do it.  They insisted saying they were also
concerned that I had a deep vein embolus (blood clot) and they need to do some more tests and procedures to
make sure.  I said, no!  The diagnosis is not worth the risk, because I knew that there was the possibility they
could collapse my lung.  Also, I was set in my decision.  All this happened while my husband stepped out for
a phone call and to go to the bathroom.

Immediately after the doctors left the room, reality hit me.  I could really die, this was it, and I became sad
and tears came to my eyes.  Then, all of a sudden, I heard the voice again.  It said, almost cheerfully,
are you ready to go home?"
 Oh my God!  I thought it is one thing to say you are ready, but it is entirely
another thing to know your number is about to be up.  Because physiologically I knew that if I did not submit
to treatment, I would die.  And then there was the question:  
"Baby, are you ready to go home?"  What did I
have to fear?  My Lord and my God, my Father was speaking so tenderly to me and called me "Baby."  I was
not afraid, but I had remorse and sadness of heart.  I answered and said,
"Oh, Lord, Abba, Daddy, you know
that I want to go home, and that I want nothing more than to be with you forever.  BUT -- I feel that I didn't
complete that which You sent me here to do.  I don't feel that I fulfilled my purpose for which you created me.
And I know you are giving me a choice."  
Then I asked Him, "Lord, if you still have something for me to do,
then will You make a covenant with me?  Will you make a covenant to not bring upon me any sickness or
disease that would require me to have life-saving treatments or procedures?  Because I will NOT do that, I
will NOT do anything to save my life in this world, for I want to be with You more than I want to live this
life.  But, if you have something that I have not completed yet, some purpose, then I will do that which You
ask of me,, if You  will not bring upon me any more sickness or diseases that require these things.  And if you
do, know that I will refuse treatment and I'll be coming home!"  
I felt the Lord agreed and I had a peace that I
cannot explain.

My husband came in and I told him what the doctors said and my decision.  He was upset but I reassured him
that my faith and trust was in the Lord.  The doctors  had taken more tests (x-rays) and came back in another
time after my husband stepped out.  They explained they didn't understand how it happened, but that my lungs
were clear of the mass and the Lasix alone was helping to drain the fluid from my lungs.  They kept me
overnight and let me go the next morning.  I knew why, because my Lord honored His covenant with me.  
Now, you are probably wondering why I am telling you these things, just be patient a little longer and you will

For about six weeks I was so weak and could barely stand to do anything.  I had to hire someone to help me
go to the grocery store, as my husband worked long hours and traveled.  This troubled me that there was no
love of friends or brothers and sisters in Christ to assist one another.  Now, I am a very independent person
and I have always worked and been able to fend for myself.  But, the Lord had allowed me to be dependent on
others for a short time.  This was probably harder than feeling bad, for I did not want to be a burden on
anyone.  After a while, I began to feel like I should have let go when I had the chance, because I felt so
physically weak and sick.  Yet, all the tests they took showed everything was getting better.  I had no strength
and I was in terrible pain.  My entire body hurt and the chest pain in my heart was excruciating.  My faith was
being tested, but I didn't realize it at the time.  So, I started to prepare to die.  I knew that the Lord had given
me the choice several times and I was preparing to die.  This time, I was going to let go and leave this cruel
world, devoid of love.  The first thing I started to do was...you guessed it, clean my house.  Or pay someone
to clean my house.  Then I was starting my list again...

Two weeks after I made the conscious decision to die, to just give in and quit striving to live, something
happened.  That's right, I was choosing to let go and I believe that we all have been given the choice of
or death."
 My brother-in-law called, who I had not spoken with in about a year, as we lived in different
states.  My sister said, he really needed to talk to me.  He was frantic and said,
"Sandy, I have a message
for you.  And I know that I am the last person that you would expect to hear say this, but - the Lord
said for me to tell you it's not time to quit yet, you can't give up, you still have a job to do.  There's
work that must be done."
 Now, I had told no one about my covenant with the Lord or what was said
between us.  Nor had I told anyone how I felt and that I was ready to quit.  In fact, my brother-in-law was a
heathen from the word go and definitely that last person I would have expected to hear from God.  But he did
and I heard the message loud and clear and it was time I fulfilled my end of the covenant with the Lord.  To
go where He said to go, do what He said to do, say what He said to say, when He said to say it.

There is a time and a season and a purpose for every activity under the sun.  While in this life we may have
troubles and though weapons are formed against me (us) they shall not prosper.  That is a promise from God
for all of us. It doesn't mean that we will not have sickness or disease, or tribulation.  Because there are three
reasons for sickness and disease:  1.  Sin.  2.  Violation of God's natural laws (eating drinking, and doing
things we shouldn't that are harmful to the body).  3.  For the Glory of God.  There is one thing that I am
confident of - God works together all things for the good of those that love Him.   And that I am more than a
conqueror in Christ Jesus.  

You see we have been given a choice in everything we say, do, think, eat, drink and breath.  A choice to
choose between right and wrong.  To choose life or death, blessings or curses.  We've been given a free-will
to choose.  It's our choice - sickness or disease, life or death.  I am living proof and a witness and testimony
to the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We've all been given one breath, that's all we are guaranteed in this life is
one breath.  It is a free gift, as is faith in the only name that can save you, Jesus.  He is the way, the truth, and
the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Him.  What we do with that gift is our choice.

I had a choice.  I could continue in the path of rebellion, disobedience, and  making wrong choices in my life
or I could do what I was created for.  Narrow is the way that leads to life and only a few find it, but broad is
the road that leads to destruction and many are on it.  

After many years of being saved from life threatening situations, including congestive heart and kidney failure,
I finally realized WHY.

For years, I had been robbed of my hope.  Health care professionals, the media, researchers, and friends
told me something, and I believed it.  They did not go home with me and see what diabetes does to a person.  
They did not hold my head up or wipe my mouth when I was sick from high sugar levels.  They did not break
out in a cold sweat and could not even focus on a thought or sight due to low blood sugar levels.  
They did
not have to face the rebound effects of  "uncontrolled diabetes", where it robs you of your physical,
emotional, and sometimes spiritual well-being
.  They didn't even have to think about it or me after I left their
sight.  But I had to live with diabetes every day of my life, just like every other diabetic.  I feel it takes a
diabetic to truly understand, to educate or treat a diabetic.  And, obviously not all health care providers are

Over the years, I have discovered that improper nutrition was the number one cause of my
.  I had eaten correctly according to the latest recommended food guides, however, I was still
getting sick.
 Over the years, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease (hypothyroidism), which affects your
strength, digestion, and energy levels.  So I continued my search for nutrient rich whole foods.  This was not
easy because there is so much information available and many varying opinions on what is the correct way to
So, I put my faith, hope, and trust in the only One who could truly help me.

Even though I have been blind, lost the use of my legs, been in numerous comas, had congestive heart
failure, kidney failure, a heart attack, diabetic neuropathy, and serious digestive disorders – I was healed
not by physicians, or this medicine, or that treatment, a certain nutrient or supplement -
I was healed by the
mercy, grace, and loving kindness of God
and to Him alone I give all the glory, honor, and praise!

It is overwhelming to be diagnosed with diabetes and not know where to begin.  My goal is to provide a
referral and resource center to diabetics with whom I come in contact nationwide (and internationally).  Also
to serve as a bridge that spans the gap between the diabetic, physicians, educators, and the resources

motive is to help educate diabetics like myself.  My desires are not selfish and not one of profit.  They are
simply to provide the much needed knowledge as to the care of diabetics including those who cannot afford
it.  If I am able to help even one diabetic keep from falling through the cracks, I have accomplished my goal.  
Sponsors make it possible to provide supplies and educational material to those who cannot afford it.

Diabetes Resource Center, Inc. was established to fill the needs of diabetics.  My goals are to facilitate
knowledge, education, supplies, resources, and referrals to include latest research and technology at the
fingertips of the diabetic, and most importantly, to help them develop the
faith they need to take control of
their life.

By the grace and help of God, I teach and have written books to bring diabetics and their loved ones one step
closer to understanding the importance of nutrition, education and control to maintain a healthy life.  

I thank God for my life, and I made a promise that I would do everything I could in preventing diabetics from
being robbed of their hope and to bring knowledge to them both medically and spiritually.  
To teach them that
these things do not have to happen to them, and that they have a choice in everything they do.
 We all have
the power of healing within ourselves.  We need to learn through self-education, how to reach out and harness
this energy and have hope for recovery.  Remember:  
Don’t focus on what’s wrong, focus on what’s right.  
Use the health you have
.  May God bless you with prosperity and good health.

Until we meet again…Somewhere in the journey!
You are the most important person in taking control of your diabetes and your life.
"...thy faith hath made thee whole" Luke 8:43-48
Through my experience as a diabetic and facing the problems associated, I have chosen to help others
by the Grace of God. The purpose of this vision is to reach out and help others.