Trigger Point Therapy
Discover how to get rid of Trigger Points yourself using
Safe and Painless methods.  
Trigger Points are a common source of tension and pain.  They feel
like small knots in your muscles that don’t go away.  But many people
don’t know that trigger points can be “turned off” using some simple
Our practitioners provide Trigger Point Therapy sessions and we also offer
a 7 lesson class on how to treat your trigger points.  This course will teach
you the basic techniques to finding and treating your triggers.  More
importantly, you’ll gain an understanding of what causes trigger points in
your body.

This means that you can do preventative stretches that help you stay clear
of trigger points.  Treating trigger points isn’t usually a one-shot cure.

Normally, trigger points are caused by repeated actions that generate
tension in your muscles.  Some people are more prone than others, but
almost everyone will get trigger points at some time in their lives.

Here’s the first thing you should know -

Because trigger points can cause stiffness, pain and make your life
miserable, learning how to treat them can dramatically improve your
quality of life.
It’s all about understanding how your body works, and then
taking the power to treat yourself back into your hands.
There is an increasing awareness of the three pillars of health and wellness:  diet/nutrition, exercise,
and detoxification.  We offer you the most comprehensive affordable programs available coupled
with high-quality nutritional supplements to ensure that you are getting the most out of your sessions.
We invite you to come see for yourself what we can do for you
to help you achieve better health and well-being!
To see the effect nutrition has on your cells, come see the
condition of your blood through a Live Blood Analysis.